Flowers, plants and gardens of Capri

The Ruggiero family has been associated with the flowers and gardens of Capri ever since 1901, year in which Mimì Ruggiero moved to the Island from Naples with the intention of giving an entirely new meaning to the concept of gardening on the "Isola Azzurra".

"Domenico Ruggiero, gardener and gentleman"

Early on in his career, Mimì was employed to design the Gardens of Augustus, the panoramic park overlooking the bay of Marina Piccola. The project proved to be a trampoline to success for the young florist and in no time at all, the gardens of all the most beautiful hotels and private villas in Capri bore the signature of the "gardener and gentleman" from Naples.

Mimì had the gift of being able to interpret and realize the desires of each of his clients to perfection; embellishing the Villa Torricella, residence of the eccentric Wolcott-Perry sisters, with exquisitely scented orange and lemon trees, and transforming the garden of Villa Lysis in a paradise of daffodils, camellias, and orchids, with bushes of myrtle in honor of Venus and sage for Apollo.

Today, the art of Mimì Ruggiero lives on in the work of Domenico and Raffaele, brothers who have inherited their grandfather’s passion for flowers and gardens and now co-run the family business. Capri Flor is known on the island, and beyond, for its professional gardening services, stunning floral arrangements, and designer bouquets created for weddings, meetings, and every genre of event.


Capri Flor designs and realizes floral decorations for every occasion and is specialized in exterior horticultural décor for swimming pools, artificial lakes, fountains and cliff top locations. For large scale events Capri Flor works in collaboration with other high profile companies so as to produce, in the shortest time possible, the most original of custom-designed compositions.

For weddings, Capri Flor works closely with the bride and groom-to-be, so as to create unique floral designs, perfect for this most important of occasions. To make every wedding even more special, Capri Flor has a superb selection of accessories, amphorae, vases, candelabras and candles.

Among Capri Flors partners: Sugokuii Events, Enzo Miccio and Garini della Sforzesca.


Her bridal bouquet is perhaps the most important and significant bunch of flowers a lady will ever receive. Capri Flor has a reputation for its gorgeous bespoke bridal bouquets, in which flowers, ribbons, strass and, perhaps, even aromatic herbs, are combined to make the most beautiful of compositions. Bridal bouquets are always carefully designed so as to be in perfect harmony with the style of the wedding gown and the venue chosen to celebrate the marriage.


From the gardens of Compton Mackenzie's Villa Il Rosajo to those once belonging to Queen Victoria of Sweden in Anacapri, Capri Flor's experience in taking care of Capri's green areas has made the company the undisputed leader on the island as far as the design and maintenance of gardens is concerned.

The gardens of all of Capri’s most important villas and hotels flourish in the hands of Domenico and Raffaele Ruggiero, gardeners who are also responsible for the island’s public gardens.

Among the most recent projects realized by Capri Flor: the enlargement of the Tamborio Wood and the restructuring of the private park of Villa la Schiava; the late 19th century residence built for the French painter Cèlestin Gandais.


Capri Flor

The Capri Flor shop, situated right at the start of Via Tragara, is one of the few traditional artisan shops to have survived on the island.

Famous for its beautiful selection of cut flowers, Capri Flor also stocks a vast range of bulbs, seeds, and Mediterranean and subtropical plants, including more than 60 colors of hibiscus and 40 types of bougainvillea.

In the nursery, in the Tuoro district and not far from the shop, Domenico and Raffaele cultivate and study Capri’s indigenous plants and flowers.

In the shop, customers will find a range of vases of various dimensions and forms made from terracotta and glass, and an attractive collection of garden furniture and homeware.


Capri Flor works in collaboration with Interflora, an international delivery network with expert florists in 150 countries, worldwide.